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Established in 2014, Best Migration Services Global Pty Ltd (‘BMS’) currently has thousands of clients around the world and helped settled over hundreds of them.

BMS through its global network helps linking any individuals, families, organisations, investors, businesses, wishing to live, work, invest and migrate to Australia, to the appropriate authorised Registered Migration Agents (RMA) and/or Australian Immigration Lawyers, Business Brokers, Financial Consultants, Certified Accountants, Management Consultants, Real Estate Brokers, Builders etc., depending on the requirements of the clients and types of visas that they would like to apply. Australia has various visas and visa subclasses and all RMAs or Immigration Lawyers do not specialise in all visas. BMS has various RMAs and Immigration Lawyers who only specialise in and provide the best guidance and services for that visa and/or its subclass as per the clients’ requirements. Though established in Australia, BMS through its global network helps recommending and connecting Australian Migration Settlement Experts to any individuals, families or businesses wishing to live, work and settle in Australia.

BMS Australia helps clients from across the globe to secure a 2nd Passport, as a Plan-B for their families and lives, through citizenship-by-investment of Vanuatu in a span of only 2-3 months. Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific which offers a streamlined route to citizenship-by-investment. With no physical residency required, Vanuatu citizenship is an attractive offering for investors seeking favourable taxation and visa-free travel to the European Union, United Kingdom and many other popular destinations. Vanuatu is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, renowned for its natural treasures and stunning beauty. The history of Vanuatu as an independent state is yet to be written, but its people are working towards a society based on hospitality, equality and business opportunities by establishing an environment that attracts ambitious investors with low taxation and a leading citizenship-by-investment program.

BMS is also associated with a top ten worldwide network of independent business advisors, consultants, auditors and accounting firms, providing a full range of financial and business advisory services to a diversified client base, with HO based in Malta and present in over 120 countries. The firm’s client base includes blue chip companies, both local and international, financial and other institutions, the public sector as well as high end organisations and is duly recognised by the Malta Stock Exchange and is fully licensed to carry out obligations related to providing distinct but related services that focuses on High-Net-Worth Individuals for Malta. The firm, is proud to be the official concessionaire chosen by the Government of Malta to promote the Malta Residence and Visa Programmes like:

  • Citizenship Solutions – MALTA CITIZENSHIP & PASSPORT

Along with the excitement of change of immigrating, it can sometimes be a stressful process, filled with challenges. BMS seeks to minimise your stress and eliminate these challenges, particularly the confusion and frustration that is often associated with the Visa and Citizenship application and settlement process. We aim for you to only focus on your freedom and the excitement of immigrating leaving the professional work, challenges and stress to us.

BMS provides a wide range of visa and citizenship services tailored to assist you in travelling or migrating. Over the years BMS has assisted thousands of clients with their immigration applications and helped them settle stress-free. Check some of our clients’ experiences in our Client Testimonials


“BMS and this website do not form a part of Migration Services Agency and henceforth, only provide any migration or legal advice through the RMA or Immigration Lawyers. This website only provides general information about Australia, Vanuatu, Malta and their migration requirements, which neither is a source of migration advice nor substitutes for advice on specific visa application cases. Information on this website is accurate and valid at the time it is posted but may become outdated as laws and policies change. Any links to external websites is provided for the convenience of users only.”

“The role of BMS and this website is to only provide information. If help regarding migration advice or visas is required, then BMS assists in providing the appropriate Registered Migration Agents and/or Immigration Lawyers as per their speciality since all Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers do not specialise in all aspects of migration and visa requirements.”

Please note: We are not part of the Australian, Vanuatu, Malta and/or any government. We are a private company and we do not have the authority to grant you a Visa and/or Citizenship of any kind. We can only assist, advise, guide and/or represent people who want to travel to or migrate to Australia, Vanuatu, Malta. The final decision on all relevant applications and/or Visa and/or Citizenship applications rests only and only with the appropriate government authorities.