A decision to Migrate to Australia is a life changing decision for your clients. Australian visa legislation and the visa application process is not only complex but can change very rapidly. Your migration consultancy business will only prosper if your clients trust that you will try your best to bring them a favourable outcome. Many inexperienced migration agents are trapped after accepting complex cases and the results are not favourable at all.

BMS through its expert advice and consultation can help you streamline your Australian Migration Consultancy business processes so that your clients have peace of mind that they are in the right hands. BMS is an experienced migration business consultant comprising and associated with seasoned immigration lawyers, MARA Agents, Marketing Experts specialising in Immigration and Business advisors, who understand the complexity of Migration Business Consultancy Services, Australian visa legislation and the nitty-gritty of the migration business. Also, we can help you with setting up value addons such as Post Landing Services as well as Australian Qualifications equivalization.

Best Migration Services (BMS) is one of the only Migration Business Consultancy Services providers in Australia. Before venturing into the domain of Immigration Business Consultations for migration specific businesses, our management spent 17 years in the migration consultancy industry, having settled more than 1800 clients in Australia. In these 17 years, we have understood the dynamics of Australian Migration, Immigration process, Marketing & Sales, Australian Qualification, Documentation & Lodgement requirements, that start right from pre-assessing the migration cases to the end client getting their visas.

In a nutshell Why use BMS Migration Business Consultancy Services?

With 17 years of hands-on Australian immigration consultancy experience, we provide our expert advice to our clients in such a way that even at the time of COVID-19 pandemic our clients not only could sustain their Immigration Business but also generated good cashflow and even expanded their business through this period. BMS provides end to end immigration consultancy services but not limited to:

  • ICT infrastructure with Streamlined Process with quick delivery and solutions with minimum staff, less human errors and generating more profits.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy to adapt to local market and world situation
  • Lead generation with making your sale and generating positive cash flow
  • Financial, Accounting & Budgeting
  • Completely digitizing the business process that includes CRM backend facility for Clients & Immigration Agents/Lawyers, online documentation & application lodgements, to setting online payment gateways.
  • Advise on Customizing Complex Applications

For instance, if you are an immigration agency or an immigration business but your consultation business is not generating the desired results then, let BMS step in and help you. Our BMS Migration Business Consultancy experts and business advisors will audit your procedures and will devise a plan that will help you move ahead and put your business on the right track. We have a history of providing migration business consultancy to businesses and individual agents throughout the world. One of the most successful examples is that of FBP International Dubai. BMS Migration Business Consultancy experts provided this UAE company with turnkey business setup consultation and helped them grow from a start-up. Today, FBP International has a declared a revenue of above US$5M within a short span of 5 years with a profit of more than 50%. Also, with BMS advisory, FBP International has managed to span out and expand its operations into UAE and Malaysia.

At BMS…….

We understand Migration Business Requirements
We understand Immigration Law & Procedures
We understand Your Business!