Technology is now an integral part of the migration business. Today it’s all based online and be it an individual agent or a migration consultancy conglomerate, implementation of an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) is simply inevitable. BMS Australia has been in the business of Australian migration consultation long enough and evolved. With the advent of SAAS based customer relationship management software, the migration consultation business and process has become less time consuming. The power of contacting your prospects, collecting and distributing leads, sending notifications to clients, payment collection etc is now in the CRM software. However, CRMs are not easy to select, setup and troubleshoot. At BMS, our business technology advisors not only help our clients select the right CRM application suite for a migration business needs but can also help you customize the system as per specific business needs. The CRM customization consultation provided by BMS are scalable and our clients can expand the CRM’s capabilities as their business grows with BMS inputs.

BMS Australia provides the following CRM consultation services to migration consultation businesses worldwide.

  • CRM Software guidance
  • CRM Customization
  • CRM Custom Development
  • Installation & Configuration

At BMS…….

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