Sales and Marketing forms the backbone of any business let alone a migration consultancy. For a business to run successfully, it needs to market itself in a way that generates sales. It is pertinent for a migration consultancy business to deploy integrated marketing and sales techniques that result in prospects converting into loyal customers. In this business, your loyal customers are your brand managers. As a migration consultant, a large part of your business will be based on client referrals. The second part is the tactical marketing and advertising plan that will bring in leads for you to convert to sales. This is where BMS steps in with their 17 years of hands on digital and conventional marketing, sales and advertising experience. Our business advisors will devise a plan for your marketing and sales success. Our plan will be tailored for your specific needs and our clients are usually able to scale it according to their expansion plans and magnitude. Also, BMS’s consultants can undertake the deployment of the plan and will ensure smooth process execution. We hand you complete turnkey solutions involving both strategy and execution support. Your focus can be on client acquisition while we take care of the rest.

BMS Australia provides the following Sales and Marketing consultations to migration businesses and agents:

  • Sales Management & Training
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing Campaign Development & Execution
  • Marketing & Sales Automation
  • Online Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies

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