What Our Customers Say?

  • Joonsang Baek
    I strongly recommend BMS to anyone who wants to migrate to Australia

    I left Australia more than ten years ago as a permanent resident but could not return to Australia due to personal reasons. Recently I wanted to apply for a resident return visa to go back to Australia again. However, I had no idea how to start the application.
    While I was searching a MARA agent in UAE, I happened to know about BMS Migration. Janine, an in-house lawyer at BMS, is very knowledgeable about Australian immigration law and has vast experience in visa application. She guided me to prepare for necessary supporting documents, which was to strongly build up my case. She also represented me to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in a very professional manner. Erica, who is a legal assistant, diligently helped me to prepare for documents and answered all my questions attentively.
    When Janine told me that I was granted a visa, I felt truly elated. It was a difficult case but thanks to the efforts of the excellent team of BMS, I got the best result. I strongly recommend BMS to anyone who wants to migrate to Australia and seeks highly professional assistance.
  • Mohammad Qanbari
    Best Migration Services were experienced, professional, and prompt

    I had an Australian permanent residency issued in 2007. My PR has expired since I have not been in Australia since then due to some family circumstances.
    I have searched for many immigration lawyers to apply for resident return visa but all of them told that I have a slim chance. I then came across Best Migration Services and discussed my case. They have given me hope.
    I had a complex case since not only my PR has expired but also I had a child who wasn’t on my original application.
    Best Migration Services were experienced, professional, and prompt. They have explained the whole process and what is exactly involved. They have helped me gather the correct documents and the case did not take long. I was approved for one year resident return visa.
    Special thanks to Janine Elizabeth who worked on my case.
    I would defiantly recommend Best Migration Services
  • Elena Chentsova
    I can highly recommend Janine Elizabeth to anyone seeking help in getting Australian Partner visas.

    To Whom It May Concern I used the services of Janine Elizabeth (LLB/LP, MARN 1464402) from Best Migration Services for getting my Australian Partner visa. From the very beginning I realized I found the right person with vast experience, deep knowledge of requirements and all necessary skills. She knew exactly what I needed, could answer all my questions concerning paperwork quickly and efficiently. This made sure that the Case Officer didn’t have any questions, and it took only 9 months to get the visa.
  • Pinky and Murali
    We do recommend Best Migration Services Global Pty Ltd (BMS) for all QUALITY Migration Services

    I hope you have good break and enjoyed the Christmas and New Year.
    Please find below the Testimonial as requested and glad to provide more elaborated or amendment if you required. apologies for the delay due to school holidays. thanks for everything. Say regards to your family especially your son.
    Thanks to Best Migration Services Global Pty Ltd (BMS) for changing our life in a professionally and timely manner. We are glad about BMS professional approach. BMS built a relationship with a family with real care. BMS well-presented our case to migration department and granted our visas. “You Made it Simple”.
    In our case, the situation was too complicated. PR and RRV were expired and rejected by Australia migration department in various occasion. We have started to apply for the visa from the year 2009 and couldn’t get a proper guidance from approached most of the migration agencies in Dubai. All of them were taken money from us and instead of giving a proper guidance’s and responses. As from our experiences none of agencies were professionally qualified except Best Migration Services Global Pty Ltd (BMS).
    In BMS, we found that there is a confidence and value for the money. We have approached BMS with our existing complicated visa situation in the year 2015 and BMS given the confident that they can full fill our requirement without any further delay and done it in a timely manner. As Ms. Janine Elizabeth is a migration lawyer, she knows the laws and the exact pathway for the successful results. Initially Pinky’s RRV got granted and later within few months time our 3 children got PR in the year 2017 and finally in the year 2018 spouse visa got granted within a specified timeframe. Infact, it was our last attempt to migrate to Australia and never expected the visa granted within a short period with less money.
    We are confident in BMS where there is a meaning of a real relationship. Thanks to BMS team and especially the Migration Lawyer – Ms. Janine Elizabeth and Director - Mr. Burzen. We do recommend Best Migration Services Global Pty Ltd (BMS) for all QUALITY Migration Services and always with you which is important for everyone. We should say you don’t disappointed with BMS.