Australian Immigration Consultants or MARA Registered Agents are the government mandated professionals who advise people regarding Australian immigration issues and visas. In Australia, it is mandatory for anyone who wants to give immigration advice to be registered with MARA. MARA Agents are there to help migration aspirants to settle down in Australia in order to pursue a safe and secure future. However, we believe that every single MARA agent is an operational business in him/herself. If you are invoicing for your advice, then it is a business and not a personal affair anymore. MARA agents do not need an extensive operational setup to provide consultation. For instance, the consultation can be delivered in a coffee shop. However, it is pertinent to understand that having a consultation in a proper office leaves a far better impression than a coffeeshop.  In this article we will discuss on how you can succeed as MARA agents by using some simple tools and techniques.

Business Oriented Mindset

The first tool to enhance your career and business is to acquire the right business mindset. For instance, a business mindset will let you see things differently. Of course, you will be helping people with their immigration issues, but you will also have an eye for revenue generation and ways to expand your business. The business mindset will let you think beyond being an individual consultant. It will help you program and forecast returns that you expect and the way you want your consultation business to grow. Once you begin considering your individual consultation as a business, then you will have insights into possibilities of specializing in a certain niche of Australian migration or even forge corporate partnerships with agents in other territories and states. Setting up an immigration consultation business becomes easy if you seek the right guidance.

Setting Up Your Online Presence

You need to go online for your migration consultancy business to succeed. In the 90’s online was fancy; today it is a necessity. Recent surveys indicate that most of the migration consultancy leads are generated online. This is done via business website, social media channels and Q&A forums. You need to think of yourself as a brand rather than a simple advice providing agent. Your brand should be your official outlook online. The beauty of online presence and then subsequently marketing that presence to generate leads and sales is that it can be setup for free!

Yes, you will need to allocate digital marketing budgets but Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc charge you ZERO to setup an account. For a website, if you do not have the skills, then you can easily find a web developer on freelancing portals such as, and etc. The bottom line is that before even setting up a physical office, you need to make yourself known online. There are many tools that can help you with an online presence including Buffer, Hootsuite, SEMRush and CoSchedule etc.

Selecting and Deploying a CRM:

Technology is now an integral part of the migration business. Today it is all based online and be it an individual agent or a migration consultancy business, implementation of integrated customer relationship management (CRM) is simply inevitable. The power of contacting your prospects by generating leads, sending notifications to clients, payment collection etc is now just a click away in a CRM application. There are many paid and free CRM applications that come with their respective desktop, web and mobile versions. You can opt for Zoho, HubSpot, Migration Manager etc and setup your processes such as email marketing campaigns, lead generating and sorting, payment gateway integration etc. Most of the CRMs used by the migration consultancy businesses are scalable once your business grows.

And lastly, if you are a MARA agent and looking for a point to start, then you can take advantage of the BMS Australia Independent Contracting program. Here are some of the benefits when you become an Independent Contractor under the BMS Australia Banner:

Some Benefits of becoming an Independent Contractor with BMS:

  • Leverage the brand BMS which has a verifiable record of settling 1800+ migrants in Australia as well as helping develop migration business start-ups into million-dollar companies.
  • The team at BMS has 17 years of cumulative experience in the Australian migration consultation business and Business Networking to offer.
  • Take advantage of the BMS agile Marketing plans and Strategies that will guarantee business generation.
  • We are the only migration business consultants in Australia who offer Independent Contracting under our own brand.
  • BMS offers a robust & profitable revenue sharing model.
  • Our ICT infrastructure has been compressively developed to grow and adapt with any scale of business and especially tailor made around best practices for the Migration Business.
  • We have an integrated In-house electronic payment gateway facility that helps our contractors route payments easily & securely
  • We are the only migration business consultancy in Australia that offers a customized CRM suite tailored for the migration business.
  • Training and support for smooth consultation and lodgement operations.

The best thing about the BMS contracting program is that you, as a MARA agent, will have access to all the necessary tools that you need for effective consultation with full back office support. For more details and to sign up, click here or call +61499903263.

About BMS Australia:

BMS Australia is an Australian owned and operated company providing Consultancy and Contracting Services to Migration Businesses, MARA agents, Consultants and Lawyers regarding the setting up of a Migration Consultancy business, running it and scaling it.

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