Australia is open! There are thousands of new migrants who make it to the country every year. There are a plenty more who aspire to move and settle down in Australia. These aspiring migrants need guidance and handholding to make Australia their home. You, as a registered MARA agent, are their guide and ray of hope to help them make this beautiful country their home.

MARA agents are trained professional mandated by the Australian authorities to provide Australian immigration consultations to immigration aspirants. In terms of business feasibility, there is a huge need for MARA agents and Australian legal practitioners.

For instance, many of the skilled and talented workforce from developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Egypt etc want to migrate to Australia in order to secure their future and life. This urge to migrate is primarily driven by financial factors and the transparent immigration policies set by Australian Authorities also play a vital role. However, there is always a ceiling for the migrant intake. For instance, in 2017-18 the ceiling set by the department of Australian Home Affairs was close to 190,000 applicants.

The trends have shown that the Australian authorities have always had a policy for the number of intakes. This makes it very competitive and, you, a registered MARA agent, are their only solution to lodging an application that can increase chances for a favourable outcome. This is only once scenario where you will guide the applicant on the right path to enhance their chances of being accepted for an Australian Visa grant. There are virtually unlimited such scenarios where you work closely with clients who are off-shore and on-shore looking for various types of visas such as – but not limited to – parent visa, ENS nomination schemes, child visa, resident return visa, partner visa, business migration visas, significant talent scheme etc.

However, most of the MARA agents are not getting the business they deserve. There are many reasons for this, but some of the main reasons are

  1. Lack of a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy
  2. Lack of streamlined operations
  3. Inadequate of experience
  4. Lack of technological infrastructure and planning
  5. Lack of Business Networking Opportunities

Business goes into operations once you make your first sale or – in more simple words – you or your company earn their first dollar! However, if, as a MARA agent, you are not earning a substantial revenue now, then you need a thorough diagnosis and fixing of your migration consultation business.

How BMS Can Help MARA Agents Boost Their Revenues and Profits

This is where BMS steps in to help you boost your revenues by implementing time-tested and proven strategies. Best Migration Services (BMS Australia) is head quartered in Perth, Australia with partners and clients located worldwide. BMS Australia has 17 years of hands-on experience in delivering Australian migration consultancy services as well as helping other migration consultancy businesses achieve their goals in a systematic progressive order BMS has had an incredible history of assisting myriads of clients from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to migrate to Australia and helping them to settle in and enjoy the perks this beautiful continent has to offer. This means that in Australia only BMS has the best solution for your problem.

BMS Australia provides consultation in the following – but not limited to – migration business consultancy fields:

CRM Selection, Customization and Deployment

Our business technology advisors not only help our clients select the right CRM application suite that a migration business needs but can also help you customize the system as per specific business needs. The CRM customization consultation provided by BMS are scalable and our clients can expand the CRM’s capabilities as their business grows with BMS inputs.

BMS Australia provides the following CRM consultation services to migration consultation businesses worldwide.

  • CRM Software Selection
  • CRM Customization
  • CRM Custom Development
  • Installation & Configuration

Sales and Marketing strategies

Sales and Marketing forms the backbone of any business let alone a migration consultancy. As a migration consultant, a large part of your business will be based on client referrals. The second part is the tactical marketing and advertising plan that will bring in leads for you to convert to sales. Our business advisors will devise a plan for your marketing and sales success. Our plan will be tailored for your specific needs that you will be able to scale according to your expansion plans. Also, BMS’s consultants can undertake the deployment of the plan and will ensure smooth process execution. We hand you complete turnkey solutions involving both strategy and execution support. Your focus can be on client acquisition while we take care of the rest.

BMS Australia provides the following Sales and Marketing consultations to migration businesses and agents:

  • Sales Management & Training
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing Campaign Development & Execution
  • Marketing & Sales Automation
  • Online Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies

Financial Management Consultation

Any business is heavily reliant on a solid cash-flow and its financials. While technology has made it possible to operate the business from anywhere in the world, you still need solid cash flow management and financial planning to remain in business. Effective and efficient financial planning that controls costs while enhancing growth is an ultimate requirement if you want your migration business to prosper. Our team helps migration consultancy businesses globally to draft and execute their financial plans so that it unlocks the full growth potential of their business.

BMS provides the following financial consultations to migration consulting businesses worldwide

  • Financial Strategy Consulting
  • Financial Risk and Compliance
  • Financial and Budget Performance Consulting
  • Corporate Governance
  • Debt Advisory
  • Operational HR Consulting

These strategies for controlling your finances, boosting your marketing and advertising to generate leads and digitizing your operational protocols will help you boost your revenues. Please click here or call +61499903263 to get in touch with one of our business experts and let’s talk about taking your profits to the next level.


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