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A 2011 census by Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that one of every four Australians is born overseas making Australia one of the most multicultural in countries in the world. Australia ranks highly internationally in terms of health, education, economic freedom, lifestyle, and education. All of Australia’s major cities fare extremely well in global comparison, with Sydney being voted as one the top 10 cities to work in and Adelaide being voted as one of the most livable cities in the world. Australia is among the top ten wine producing regions of the world.

Australia is one of the wealthiest in world with a survey in 2012 stating that Australia had the world’s fifth highest per capita income. Australia is often referred to as the “Lucky Country”, with its spacious surroundings, high standard of living, excellent health and education system, temperate climate, wide and varied landscape, political and economic stability, and a general high quality of life envied by many around the world. Australia is special, unique, beautiful, and a great place to settle in and is viewed by many as the “land of opportunity” for people of all races.

Australia has much to offer to intended migrants. Things that come to mind include:

  • Excellent weather
  • Fresh air and clear skies
  • Great place to raise a family
  • Peaceful multicultural society
  • Outdoor lifestyle and sports
  • Wide-open spaces
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Clean and safe surroundings
  • Outstanding educational systems
  • Political stability and freedom of speech
  • Lovely beaches
  • Technological and sporting achievements

There are several other reasons why one might choose to migrate to Australia including a strong and vibrant economy and plenty of recreational opportunities.