BMS always advises the clients to use the services of a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) or Australian Lawyer because only the RMA or Australian Lawyer is well versed with the migration law and therefore the complexity of the migration procedures. They are updated with all the newest changes in migration laws or procedures and the way these affect applications. RMA or Australian Lawyer can assist in filling out visa application forms, collecting or compiling supporting evidence, providing explanations or advice, and making representations before tribunals and courts. There is a rise in competition for places within Australia’s immigration program, meaning applications got to be accurate and supported with all the specified documentation, which can improve an applicant’s chance of success. Every RMA or Australian Lawyer, introduced by BMS to their clients have their own experience and expertise to specialize in the actual visas and their subclasses, in lodging applications. This expertise enable them to lodge applications which will be decision ready, and hence, could also be addressed expeditiously, thereby reducing time interval . Please note that no RMA or Australian Lawyer, however, can claim that they will guarantee a positive outcome or that they need special relations with the govt which will , in any way, influence the result of the applications.

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (‘OMARA’) defines a migration agent as an individual who uses “their knowledge of Australia’s migration procedures to supply advice or assistance to a person wishing to get a visa or enter or remain in Australia. They can also give assistance to people that are nominating or sponsoring prospective visa applicants.” OMARA has enforced a rigorous Code of Conduct that regulates the conduct of Registered Migration Agents.

On 21 June 2017, if enacted, would end the twin regulation of lawyers by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. This legislation is introduced by the Turnbull Government (the “Migration Amendment (Regulation of Migration Agents Bill) 2017”) into the House of Representatives. The principal features of the Bill, as of 1 July 2018, if enacted is that “Australian legal practitioners” will not be ready to be Registered Migration Agents, which will be implemented through the introduction of a replacement section 289B to the Migration Act 1958. The consequence of this amendment is that any application for registration as a migration agent that’s made by an “Australian legal practitioner after 1 July 2018 would be refused. “Australian legal practitioners” are ready to give “immigration assistance” within the meaning of section 276 of the Migration Act without the necessity to be a Registered Migration Agent as of 1 July 2018.

All Consultants, Agents and Lawyers registered with the MARA are issued a MARA license number and must provide you with this number upon request. All Migration Consulting companies must display their current Membership in MARA and therefore the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) on their websites and documentation. You can see BMS registration logo and details at rock bottom of each page of our site.

NOTICE: Please don’t appoint and or entertain an immigration consulting firm who employs unregistered migration agents or who isn’t registered to supply immigration advice.