Australia has made it easy and transparent for migration and visa aspirants to lodge and keep track of their applications. The country is welcoming skilled and business talent from all over the world. However, due to lack of knowledge in many instances, the Australian authorities refuse the visa applications.

Here are some of the common reasons that result in Australian visa refusals:

  1. Not fulfilling the visa eligibility criteria

One of the main reasons for the Australian visa refusal is the non-eligibility of an individual for a certain visa type. For instance, if you are applying for migration to Australia under a skilled visa regime then your application should be lodged under the correct visa subclass.

  1. Inability to furnish correct supportive information and documents

This is another common mistake that is carried out by Australian visa and migration seekers. The Australian authorities need supportive documentation and information in a synchronized order to decide your application. The documentation is proof of your intent to visit the country and not being able to furnish them or putting up non-required documentation will result in your Australian visa refusal.

  1. Not meeting the health and character requirements

The visa refusal on bases of health and character pre-requisites are not very common. However, there are instances where Australian visa is refused based on the applicant’s inability to match the health and character requirements set by the Australian Authorities. Australia has a very strict quarantine and vetting system in-effect that bars individuals with certain health ailments and criminal record to enter the country.

  1. Wrong information delivered by your visa consultant

Recently there have been myriad of visa refusal cases where the visa consultants or agents misguided the applicants. This is the reason that you should only consult a MARA registered agent instead of untrained professionals. Registered MARA agents might charge you more than the untrained and unwarranted self-claimed visa consultants, but they will guide you in the right direction.

  1. False claims and forged documentation

Australian authorities have kept the visa system easy, yet it is transparent and is closely scrutinized. Gaming or circumventing the system is not an option when you are applying for an Australian visa. There are strong chances that any doctored information is caught right away. This automatically results in a visa refusal from the Australian side.

  1. Student Visa Refusals

Australia offers top of the line primary, tertiary and higher education system. There are many students who go to Australia to study. However, Australia requires students to be able to financially support themselves during their period of study in the country. Also, the Australian authorities consider that the course you opted for tallies with your previous education. In case you are not able to show evidence of enough financial support for your intended period of study in Australia, then your visa might be refused. The Australian authorities might also refuse your visa if your selected course is not in continuation of your previous education.

  1. Employer Sponsored (ENS) Visa Refusals

These refusals are usually the result of when you, your agent and/or the business cannot or is not eligible or viable in sponsoring you and there is no genuine employment requirement or need. Also, the ENS visa can be refused if the wage or pay is not according to Australian market salary rates as per the ABS and many more.

These are some of the common reasons that lead to Australia visa refusals. However, if your visa has been refused then Call us on +61499903263 and Let BMS help you tackle your situation successfully and in the best possible manner!

Also, we advise against using services of unregistered or unexperienced agents for your application just because they cost less. You need an experienced MARA Agent or professional Australian Lawyers, in some cases, to guide you through your application process and handhold you so that chances of a positive outcome are increased.

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