Is money truly the measure of happiness and success? Australia offers so much more than just higher income, personal freedom not just of speech but also of stigmas of traditional societies where one is forced to be either a doctor or engineer to be successful. The opportunity to do so much more than just work, hoard and survive; to be able to live, dream, explore and think freely. 

One of the top reasons people cite when deciding to migrate is the Standard of living offered by Australia. What does one mean by ‘standard of living’? Generall, it relates to the quality of life. This mainly takes into account the necessities and comforts required by an individual. It is a fairly relative term as what is a necessity varies from person to person and what is best for one barely good enough for another.

Happy Planet Index started with a goal of ‘measuring what matter’ and 140 countries were ranked based on the government’s ability to provide ‘long, happy and sustainable lives.’ Happiness wise Costa Rica ranks number one and Vietnam second.

Which basically illustrates the fact that happiness is very relative. An extremely disadvantaged person either financially or physically can report himself/herself to be extremely happy but that cannot be used to generalise the fact that anyone living in his/her situation is bound to be happy. Humans are not mathematical equations devoid of free choice, A+B does not always equal to C.

So how does one make a generalised statement that a particular country offers an excellent standard of living and hence an ideal migration destination? The World Bank retains a very materialistic viewpoint and takes into account primarily the level of income and rates Australia as high-income level. Australia ranks 13th in the world GDP comparison which according to World bank makes it a country with high standard of living.

Is money everything, is happiness a direct result of income and consumption? Humans aspire to greatness, have dreams and seek habitats that are conducive to them. While money does solve most problems being filthy rich in a highly autocratic society that restricts freethinking is akin to a luxurious high-security prison.

The social progress Index takes a less material view than the World bank and instead ranks countries in three categories, meeting Basic human needs (Nutrition, basic medical care, water, sanitation, shelter & personal Safety), Foundations of wellbeing (Access to basic knowledge, Access to Information & Technology, Health & wellness and ecosystem Sustainability), and Opportunity (Personal rights, Personal freedom & Choice, Tolerance & inclusion and access to advanced education) As per the Social Progress Index, Finland ranks first with Australia coming in 4th. In the Basic Human Needs Dimension, Australia performs best on Water and Sanitation and has most opportunity to improve on the Shelter component. In the Foundations of Wellbeing Dimension, Australia scores highest on Access to Basic Knowledge but lags on the Health and Wellness component. In the Opportunity Dimension, Australia is strongest on Personal Rights and has the most room to improve on Tolerance and Inclusion.

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education and per-capita income indicators or simply put rates a long healthy life, being knowledgeable and having a decent standard of living as indicators as good standards of living. Norway ranks number one and Australia a close second.

What it basically boils down to is the ability of a government to offer a lifestyle that offers a politically stable environment, a social culture that is tolerant, and affords basic human needs like education, medical, shelter, sanitation, etc. Whilst offering opportunities to grow, dream, create and pursue higher goals. History has taught us that Human development and progress is often during times of peace and prosperity. Governments world over are quickly recognising that in order to sustain a progressive and thriving economy, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and thinkers are sorely needed.

The Australian government has one of the best policies in place to assist R&D. Australian government offers support programs to assist investors and entrepreneurs to establish or expand a business. In keeping with the demand for skilled workers needed to facilitate the economic progress, Australian tertiary education system is world-class.

Australia is, by and large, one of the best countries to migrate as it truly does offer an excellent standard of living, whether the measure is materialistic, intellectual, or aesthetic.   Australia is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world boasting unique flora and fauna, varied landscapes from deserts, rainforests, tropical beaches and snowy mountains. Australia has been voted as having the best student cities, best city, most livable city, the best place in the world, best beaches and the list goes on.

If you are qualified, skilled and seeking a better life for yourself and your family, Australia is the place to be.


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