Dennis is a Kenyan IT professional Skilled Migrant in Australia. Like many new skilled migrants in Australia, he was experiencing panic and desperation. Money was running out and he feared that he and his family would be homeless despite the fact that he was a highly qualified IT professional with two Masters degrees and over eight years of work experience.

Dennis had had over thirty interviews, was making second round interviews but never made it to a job offer.

He was pretty down as he thought he was failing. After a while, he realised that he should not be thinking in terms of failure.

He started to see things differently, what did he need to do to get a job? The answer was right there…PREPARE MORE.

Dennis had another interview the following day. He went through the organisations website to see what he knew about them. It was clear he did not know enough about the organisation he was hoping would hire him.

If you meet a client for a business meeting you try and learn as much about them as possible. Yet when you are interviewing most people think a 30 minute review of the company website is enough.

What will separate you from your competition at an interview is a deeper understanding of the company who may hire you. What you need to know is their business drivers, competitors, what projects they have running now and their overall strategy and mission. The majority of this can be googled or found through research. Take the time to learn more and stand out from the crowd at interview.

In order to be successful in the interview, it was essential for Dennis to lift his mood and not carry the energy of the past into his new interview. He had to let it go so that he could succeed. Being present is an essential part of succeeding at interview.

A few days later, he got the job!

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